ABIR Disability and Rehabilitation

ADR focuses on a holistic approach to community based rehabilitation, rand it notices that all aspects of the rehabilitation process are vital for its success. ADR is committed to the creation of an accessible and facilitatd environment for persons with disabilities in Bangladesh focusing on a “Rights Based” approach to the treatment, training and rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

As a non-profit, non-government organization, ADR rehabilitates disabled people regardless of their economic status. This holistic approach aims to improve the patient’s physical, emotional, social and economic needs during and following treatment. Since the very beginning ADR has been working with the aim of establishing equal opportunities, equal participation and equal rights in which person with disabilities can live their lives with self-respect and confidence.

Vocational training facilities for Person with Disabilities (PWDs):

The ADR runs Vocational Training Institute. The target groups of students are physically challenged people. Different courses are running in five locations of ADR. Residential hostel facilities are available for both male and female students. After completion of the training, ADR tries to ensure their employment. Our goal is to meet the demand of the society and ADR is planning to expand its vocational training facilities in divisional centers.