ABIR Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation

Interpreting service is a service of spoken language communication by a professional interpreters to convey a message from the language of the original speaker or writer, into the native language of the listener. The interpreter preserves the register (or tone) of the message, as well as the meaning behind that message and within a difference of one second delivers the message in the listener’s language. It is an audible form of communication where at least one language in the communication is spoken.The interpreter has to have  a solid understanding of the subject matter, and has to be fluent in both the source and target languages to ensure a clear and accurate interpretation..

Interpretation Services vs. Translation Services

Interpreting services
  • An interpreter delivers spoken language.
  • Interpreters must perform quickly to provide accurate interpretation services.
  • An interpreter has to speak back and forth in both languages
Translation Service
  • A translator performs on written language.
  • A translator can wait to review and make changes to assure accuracy.
  • A translator is able to write well in both languages, but is not always bilingual.

ACD Interpreting Services — Simultaneous, Accurate, Contextual

Interpreting service is very important for any industry, From Bengali to English and vice versa language! Consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, sight interpretation are available. Avail our interpreting services over the phone instantly, or in person within 24 hours.

ACD Phone Interpreting Services

  • When you are lost in a foreign country, and standard computer translations are not helping you to communicate with the people.
  • Our interpreters provide with phone interpreting services,  with consecutive interpreting, ensuring clarity in communication between parties who do not speak or understand one another.
  • Phone interpreting services can be arranged for two or more parties in the same room, or in remote locations.
  • One party contacts a professional interpreter on a call, then adds additional parties on the line, or places the phone on speaker for everyone in the room to listen to  the conversation.
  • So, we offer professional over the phone interpreting services 24/7 in Bengali/English/French/Turkish languages.

In Person Interpreting Services

You can provide you with an in person interpreter at any location in the world in less than 24-hours after your order. With our in person interpretation services, we will connect you with an interpreter who is fluent in both Bengali and English..


When you need conference interpreting for an international seminar, liaison interpreting for a business meeting, or relay interpreting for a rare language, we can connect you with the interpreters you need for any situation, in any location!

Specialty of Our Interpretation Services:

·         We are available 24/7.
  • We interpret in over Bengali/English/French.
  • We offer one of the lowest prices in the industry.
  • We are easily accessible.
  • We can provide with interpretation in under an hour.
  • We are able to adapt to any customer, and any request.
  • And, since we are always available, we are standing by now, ready to meet all of your interpreting needs.
  • We understand that your interpretation service requirements are intricate and detailed.
  • The interpreter renders a message into the target-language as the speaker delivers

Conference Interpreting Services

We are Efficient in Conference Interpreting

  • • We can serve you with a team of interpreters for large events, or one single interpreter for smaller gatherings.

  • Our conference interpreters are quite well trained experts in languages and interpretation.

  • Our conference interpreters understand the terminology in every industry.

  • We work in close contact with the client to ensure the best service on your conference’s topic.

  •  You possess all necessary conference equipment( SIS) and we will ensure that everything is perfectly set up and functions perfectly throughout the event.

Special Features of Our Interpretation

  • Language expertise and fluency
  • Accurate interpretation with no omitting or distorting
  • Accurate interpretation with no omitting or distorting
  • High quality conference interpreting equipment
  • Flawless interpreting with the contextual meaning in the  target language
  • Highly  trained, experienced, and expert interpreters

Our Experience

A. Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation service is widely used in international conferences and seminars. This kind of service is a newly evolving concept in Bangladesh. ACD has come forward with this service of multilingual interpretation in an easily accessible and at an affordable cost in meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops ACD has given simultaneous interpretation services in the above mentioned programs held in different venues of International programs in Bangladesh like Hotel Pan Pcific Sonargaon, Bangabandhu Convention Centre, Westin Hotel, Cirdap Auditorium to various clients such as:

  1. Ministry of Disaster Management, Bangladesh
  2. US Aid with USFS
  3. UN Women
  4. BEPZA
  5. Water Aid
  6. OIC
  7. Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh jointly with a2i and B2B
  8. Ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh

During services to the above programs with various clients, ACD interpreters with their SIS, simultaneously transferred the Speech of the Honorable Prime minister Sheikh Hasina and various other government, non-government organization’s chief executives and foreign delegates and eminent Professors of foreign universities. 

B. General Interpretation

In Bangladesh the need/demand of general interpretation service is increasing day by day as large numbers of foreigners are coming to Bangladesh for business investment, tourism and other purposes. They often face communication problem as they do not speak and understand Bengali. Moreover all the foreign guests are also not necessarily proficient in English language. In that case multilingual communication is a barrier in meetings, seminars, workshops and individual communication. To overcome this language barrier, ACD is providing high quality consecutive interpretation services with highly experienced and trained professionals.

C. Translation Service

Translation services enable us to communicate inter culturally with comfort. There is a huge demand of document translation in Bangladesh. ACD has professional team of translators to translate any technical or non-technical documents from Bengali to English and vice versa. We provide fastest and accurate professional translation service.