ABIR Women Empowerment and Development

Rural women often manage critical household chores through multiple livelihood strategies. They also have to produce agricultural crops, tend animals, process and prepare food, work for wages in agricultural or other rural enterprises, collect fuel and water, engage in trade and marketing, care for family members and maintain their homes.
With the help of the response and cooperation from all stakeholders, these women could be utilized to uplift the lifestyle of their own families and to make their area free from food insecurity.

ACD is running a project to ensure food security for 1,000 vulnerable  women farmers & sustainable livelihood for the vulnerable people especially women to reduce poverty

Specific Objectives:
The Project Objectives are following
a) To Increase women’s skills and knowledge of agricultural techniques.
b) To increase women’s awareness of and access to agricultural inputs.
c)    To link women to markets, consumers, and micro-finance.

Project Prospects:

  • Effective improvement in food security and increased productivity using low-cost environment-friendly agricultural technologies

  • Effective income increases by establishing functional linkages with agricultural market actors, adequate market extension and value chain promotion at the local and regional level